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The Beauty of Mental Health Treatment



I see her, I have always seen her

Her light was covered but not extinguished

Reaching back and down, over and over while the waves crashed around her

The waves rolled over the love people felt, pulling and pushing them away with great force

The rages, the hatred, the pain

She kept trying but failing, trying but failing

To pull herself out of the darkness

Thick, thick darkness no light can shine through

Fighting to see the light again

To feel love again

Missing the smile, the laughter

Having help to pull her, a chance to climb

Because she had the tiniest bit of hope

To grab hold of anything real and solid

The love of family and those around her, the skill of doctors, the magic of medication

She sleeps

Not in pain of a crash in her mother’s arms

She sleeps peacefully

She wants to feel love again

She sleeps

Not out of exhaustion but out of calmness

She sleeps

In her mother’s arms

Feeling love again


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