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Ode to You on Valentine’s Day

To all the parents and caregivers out there of kids with differences, learning, developmental, physical, medical, mental, quirky. For anyone who has a child that struggles. I’m talking to you.

You know what? I think you are amazing and this is my love letter to you.

I love how fierce you are about your kid.

I love how you protect them and when you have to, I love how you fight for them.

I love how you distract them from noticing the people who stare.

I love how you take their most humiliating moment and you breeze through like it’s normal; how you don’t even flinch.

I love how you memorize medications.

I love how you research symptoms and treatments.

I love how you work with people to get Whatever-Has-To-Be-Done handled.

I love how you maintain other relationships in spite of the 18 directions you are pulled in any given day. Or hour.

I love how you juggle 22 things in the 18 different directions and you make it look easy.

I love how you stay strong enough to talk your kids into shots, needles, and tests. Without crying in front of them.

I love how you look proud and supportive for your kid during their 5 evaluations (this year) even though you are dying inside.

I love how you sit in IEP meeting after IEP meeting and survive.

I love how you have become who your kid needs and let go of any preconceived notions.

You are amazing, you parents and caregivers. We are amazing. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Thanks for being on this journey with me, with our family. You’ve changed my outlook, my path. I appreciate you and all you do.  And I hope you had a wonderful day.


Originally posts on the now closed blog Kidneys and Eyes

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