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It’s true. We’re an iPhone family. Only three of us know that though, as one is under the tree for our 13-year-old daughter. This is her second iPhone. The first one broke (why don’t kids keep break proof cases on their phones?) and she’s been using her iPod. Since she texts mostly, this was a simple transition back to her iPod. She doesn’t know she’s getting a phone for Christmas, but she knows the rules around the phone.

Part of the deal with the kids (I have a 15-year-old son and the 13-year-old daughter mentioned above) is that we check and also have put apps on their phones. Such is the Life360 app, helping keep us connected, and it’s not difficult to use. Since the app has been on their phones from the beginning of their lives with a smartphone it really isn’t a big deal. Our girl doesn’t mind it, mostly she just thinks “it’s weird” that I’d want to check in with her this way but to her it isn’t constantly watching her as much as it is, “my mom knows where I am.” The app being on their phones has nothing to do with them being sassy-mouthed teenagers, either. I hear that is normal.

It’s super easy for peace of mind (for me) when the daughter is at the mall for the fourth hour, probably talking to boys and buying cell phone cases (which are not drop/break proof, BTW). It helps when my boy is exploring the creek out back or lost on a golf course (don’t ask). Both the kids know that the phones should make life easier for us, not harder and I think that’s why they don’t mind. I mean, it’s not like you can secretly put it on a phone, it’s all on the up and up.
You know what else about the Life360 app?

It’s sort of fun to see where the husband is while traveling. Sitting by the pool on a business trip? DC, of course, where he works a lot, but a field? That is not a mistake. He was hunting recently and literally in a field looking for pheasants (not “peasants” as I once said, because that would be so wrong.).
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Seriously, check out the Life360 website and see how easy it is for you to make a circle for you and the family (and friends for that matter) to stay connected.
Because I’m nice and want to make your life easier, here are links to download the app…. Windows, iOS/iTunes and Android.
I was a user of the Life360 app well before I became an ambassador for them on their blog and with this sponsored post. In fact, before they’ve used me in this manner, I had been interviewed a couple of times for news stories because the people at Life360 knew I used the app and loved it. The opinions are completely my own, even the one about my teenagers being sassy-mouthed.

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