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BlazeSports America: Getting Special Kids Moving

blaze_logoJulia and I keep an ongoing document of organizations we want to feature. We try to highlight groups that our community may not know about and who offer something unique and exciting. About two weeks ago I put a new one at the top of our list in all caps: BLAZESPORTS AMERICA

Their mission? Simple. “BlazeSports mission is to advance the lives of children and adults with physical disabilities through sport, healthy lifestyles, and the prevention of chronic health conditions.” BlazeSports has existed since 1996, inspired by that year’s Summer Paralympic Games, which took place in Atlanta. The organization has sport teams, afterschool programs, camps, leadership/pre-vocational training, competitions, and sporting events and also provides distance learning and educational programs for officials, coaches, educators and volunteers.

Their BlazeDays use Paralympic sports to raise disability awareness in schools and workplaces through workshops, sports activities and speakers. Tailored to each audience, BlazeDays are planned closely with the site hosts to create a program that meets their particular needs.

While their homebase is Georgia, there are BlazeSports programs around the country. These satellite programs might include camps, after school programs, sports teams or leadership training. They have several resources for people who would like to be trained in how to support in coaching those with disabilities.

BlazeSports is also an advocacy organization, giving parents, caregivers and teachers information about the rights of all children to participate in sports.

Members receive discounts on their programs and costs just $25 a year.

Check out their video to see what their Blaze Camp (for kids with mobility and vision challenges) has to offer. I guarantee the scenes from their camp dance will have you grinning!!


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