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My Responsibility as a Special Needs Parent

2012-11-12_1352722878@0It’s my responsibility…

–       to love my kids as they are and never try to change the core of who they are,

–       to make my kids’ lives as easy as possible where their disabilities are concerned,

–       to ask that exceptions be made to to help them and improve our family’s quality of life,

–       to help navigate the healthcare system for them while teaching them how to do it for themselves if they are capable,

–       to protect them from people who want to do them harm; no matter the form,

–       to fight for them and sometimes to fight for them, in front of them,

–       to work with people with personalities that don’t mesh with mine when they can help my kids,

–      to see the best in them and help them see it too,

–       to seek the best treatments available,

–       to work a system that needs to be worked,

–       to help them live full lives, whatever that means to them,

–       to help them celebrate their accomplishments,

–       to not shame them or let others shame them,

–       to give back/volunteer at something related to their special needs,

–       to help them feel included,

–       to work to have a strong marriage and family unit to help them feel safe and secure,

–       to reach out when I need support and offer it when someone needs it,

–       to educate and inform people when they are truly interested,

–       to always strive to do better by them,

–       to make sure I build and keep relationships that surround them with love,

–       to find an avenue to something to meet a need,

–       take time for myself,

–       to give them a break when they need it,

–       to push them when they need it,

–       to never give up.


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