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Finding Strength Within

IMG_0471It’s been a challenging week for me and a particularly horrible day. This post isn’t about what happened as much as it is about what came out of thinking about those challenges and how to carry on and do what must be done in the midst of chaos and strife. Somewhere, somehow we have to find the strength within.

Today, as I was getting dressed and thinking about the challenges coming, I decided to wear something to remind me of my mother. I chose a little fairy goddess pin of hers and a necklace of her birthstone with an angel wing and heart (a gift from my friend Michele after my mother’s recent death). As I put them on, I imagined she would help carry me through today, whatever it brought. Even though the day certainly brought sadness, fear and relief it also brought maybe even a little hope that tomorrow will be better. It brought those things because of what she taught me, or even more so, what I chose today to hold on tightly to as I navigated rough waters.

We all have that in us I suppose, it’s just a matter of finding what works for us, and what we use to channel what we need at a particular time. For me, today it was jewelry and connection to my dead mother. She was was my first love, my personal champion and my biggest fan.

She was also resilient, just like me. She had humor to share to help get her (and everyone she knew) through bad times and the gift of cutting through all the b.s. to stay focused on what is really important. She taught me about fairness, giving back, work ethic, honor, commitment and doing the right thing, even when people aren’t looking.

When handling life’s challenges (for me our kids’ issues alone are enough without added pressures and issues of late) it’s our personal responsibility to find what works for us to keep us motivated to help those we love and do it in a way that honors ourselves so we don’t get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes a small memento can help us dig deep to remind us that we have more power and resiliency than we thought we did. At least that’s what just happened to me.

She’d be proud of me how I handled today, I’m sure of it. That’ll get me through another day.


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