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Special Needs Kids can have some Special Need Supplies

I have worked as a pediatric nurse for 28 years and had 4 years working as a Nursing Case manager for Pediatric cases for In Home Nursing care. I speak from experience when I say , “Hats off to all of the families that have special needs children.” I know that you have challenges that most families can’t even dream of.

There are of course many levels of special needs or medically fragile children and care – from needing extra work books and tutoring to rearranging your entire house to accommodate wheelchairs, ventilators, lifts and IV poles.

Trying to organize your home may be tough…but can you imagine having to turn your family room in to a bedroom with a hospital bed, nursing care coming in and out, oxygen tanks, suction machines etc…. ? It can be an organizing nightmare.

Many of these families do not have the luxury of having outside help in taking care of their children.

The biggest tip I can give them in organizing their medical supplies are:

1) Clear containers

2) Label ..label…label! I particularly like using something like the above cart. I presently use it for a craft cart for my kids…but it is great for special needs supplies. It is on wheels and can be easily moved. The drawers are clear so it is easy to visualize what is inside..and it is plastic so it makes it very easy to label. There is also a surface on top. Great for being able to lay needed supplies for procedures like changing dressings.

These bins I am using for clothing but they can be used for extra supplies. There might be attends, chux pads, dressing supplies etc. The key – label!!

3) Under the bed storage can be great for supplies that aren’t used as often.

4) Also use that wall space! It might be with shelves, or peg board or magnetic boards.

Sandy Jenney is a Mom and Step Mom to 8 children,she is a Professional Organizer and pediatric nurse. She currently has 3 blogs with a soon to be 4th that you can find centrally located at Organize with

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