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Limb Differences Aren’t Scary

limbdifferencesarentscaryMy eight-year-old daughter, Jordan, was born with one hand and that has led to Born Just Right’s focus on telling stories about how everyone is just right. We offer support from the parenting side of limb differences. But I’m lucky to periodically have guest writers who offer the adult perspective as well. From time to time, Jordan even offers her kid views.

Each year, we focus on raising funds for Camp No Limits. It is a limb difference family camp that originated in Maine but also holds camps in Idaho, California, Missouri, Maryland and Florida. It allows kids of all ages and their families attend a four-day camp that supports the whole family. Limb difference kids learn life skills, exercises to stay strong, and work on activities they may have never had the chance to learn before. They also get the chance to talk about what it’s like to be different and work with counselors and mentors. It’s so special to watch my daughter, Jordan, evolve from a tiny camper who started attended when she was three-years-old into an eight-year-old who confidently leads younger children through Pilates exercises and life skills like zipping and snaps. The camp also offers support to siblings and parents. Everyone leaves camp feeling empowered and supported.

It’s so special, Born Just Right has raised more than $10,000 in the last few years and we want to keep it going. It takes $500 for each person to attend camp. Our local family resources program pays for Jordan and I to attend so we are very lucky to be able to focus on fundraising for others.

This year, I’m doing it a little differently. October is an awesome opportunity to prove how limb differences aren’t scary. A limb difference does not make anyone a monster. (Unless they choose to be one!) There’s a special lesson kids learn in the limb difference world when they spend time together at Camp No Limits. Campers learn that being different teaches you how everyone is different. We all have our own challenges. There are all kinds of different ways to overcome those challenges. Camp No Limits is special and we have a chance to be able to send more kids to camp for 2015.


I have an awesome collection of raffle items. All it takes is donating $5 to the Camp No Limits Fundraising site: for a raffle entry. Donors get an additional raffle entry for every additional $5 donated. If you donate more than $25, just add it up and enter the raffle again at another pay level. (For example, if a donor gives $50, they can put their name in under the $25 level twice.)

You can see the collection here.

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