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Giving Thanks, Too

For years now (Four or five?) I’ve watched the St. Jude Hospital commercial known as “Thanks and Giving” and had the same thought ever since the first time I heard the closing tagline. Go ahead and watch it, it’s only 57 seconds. I’ll wait.


The thing is, it really is a great spot. It’s well-written, the celeb thing is terrific, the heartstrings thing. Cute kids. It has everything going for it. Truly.

The thing that gets me is at the end when Marlo Thomas says, “Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.” You know, she’s talking about kids, like mine, who aren’t healthy.

I think something Every Single Time I see it. Even though I know the spot wasn’t meant to imply that I don’t give thanks I still think in my head, “Hey Marlo! I give thanks even for my kids who aren’t (healthy).”

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