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Can a grand event of inclusivity really change people?

I know feel good actions by groups of kids seem contrived. I know it gives some a sense that all we need to do with/for kids with disabilities is include them in a grand gesture and it covers up the fact that we don’t include them in everyday activities in the inclusive sense of the word.


Every once in a while I feel like a story like below, which seems contrived, changes people. Sure, the story in this video is about a team and their gift to a kid with disabilities, but if you really watch and listen, it’s about the kid at the end who learned from this experience. He learned it isn’t all about him. So out of the seemingly contrived event may come a young man and his teammates who look at others around them differently. Maybe out in the world he (and they) will just naturally be more compassionate and inclusive because of being a part of this experience.

I’m okay with the contrived for this outcome.

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