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Being the Needy Friend


My lovely, supportive friend Carol. Thank you. For it all.

I’m THAT girl.

I’m the friend that needs a lot. I didn’t do it on purpose, you know, it just sort of just happened. One day I didn’t need so much from my friends. And then I did, just like that.

One day I was pregnant with my second child and three weeks later I was facing multiple doctor appointments and a therapy schedule that I can’t even believe our family handled, looking back, but we did.

We did it with a lot of help, to be honest. There were so many things people did for us that I suspect I am unable to remember them all. This list?

  • Laundry, house cleaning.
  • Grocery shopping, fruit cutting and dinner prep.
  • Yard work, errands.
  • Babysitting, visiting. Holding babies and bath time.
  • Listening to fears, offering support.
  • Prayers and notes, cards and letters.
  • Getting me out of the house.
  • LIttle gifts, big gifts.
  • Helping at doctor and therapy appointments.
  • Cooking with me, cooking for me.
  • Financial support.

Thank you, thank you friends and family of special needs families. Thank you for your gifts, your patience and understanding. Thank you for knowing our limitations of time, money and brain power and loving us anyway.

Thank you for the love you’ve shown us all through your time and cooking. Thanks for your financial support. Thank you for knowing when to call me and when to send an email or card. Thanks for remembering a medical test our evaluation our kids have and asking about them.

Thanks for being our back up, our go-to, our people, our person. Thanks for sitting through all of the tears with us and for crying with us or making us laugh when we needed it. Thanks for adjusting things in your life to live in ours.

We’re forever grateful for you and for sticking with us, even though we’re needy.

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