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A (special needs) Father

We’re sons, brothers, husbands and friends.

We’re strong, we’re fragile. We’re comforters, we’re providers.

Some of us are primary caregivers in the world of our kids with special needs. Some of  us are supporters of the primary caregivers; we make it possible for the primary caregiver to give all they have to our unique kids.

We’re income and insurance providers. We’re silent worriers. We’re gifted at building up confidence in our kids and shouldering all the pain for milestones never achieved.

Some of us research and reach out about our kids’ conditions, some of us reach in and burrow down and get done what we must. Some of us have few friends who know the truth about what it is like to live in a world of special needs parenting, especially as a dad. Some have few friends on purpose and some based on circumstance of our life.

Some of us are accepting of what life has handed us. Some are not. It’s a good day when we realize that each path in special needs fathering is right when a father is present to witness the good and the bad.

We hurt for our kids and we wish for what all parents do; for happiness, acceptance, and a competitive nature in our kids. For a beaming self-confidence.

We wish for them to live without emotional pain and physical pain yet we gladly make ourselves present for our kids and those we love to help ease it.

We know our relationship with our kids shapes their lives, as any father, but we know it also has a greater impact to all around us because it takes greater effort and engagement.

It is simple. We wish to help our kids be happy. We wish for them to go out in the world and be loved unconditionally. Just like any father.



Please read about site co-founder Julia’s daugther Quinnlin’s story on Build-A-Bear Workshop’s blog, Behind the Seams. 

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