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mabels labels1I’m a little bit of an organization enthusiast. That is to say I like to be able to find things when I need them and I like for the people I live with (those who shall be unnamed) to be able to return things easily, so organization just makes sense. 

In addition to loving organization, my kids have special needs and with that comes a lot of paperwork, equipment, and medication (we have a dedicated two-door, three shelf cabinet).

When Mabel’s Labels recently sponsored a month here at Support for Special Needs, I was thrilled because I knew I’d get a chance to review some fancy, new labels (to add to my collection). Even before I knew them as sponsors of blog conferences and our site, I used their products. We’d ordered their combo packs for labeling lunch boxes, soon-to-be-lost sweaters and jackets, notebooks, shoes and summer camp gear. They are proudly affixed to items around our house, still.

Craft Cabinet, Before and After!

mabels labels3mabels labels4

I’d rather use my hobby as an example because when I have time for one of my hobbies, I need to be able to sit down and find everything. I sew, craft and create altered books. You know, if our med cabinet if the epicenter of the kids’ healthcare, then the craft cabinet is the epicenter of my mental health. To tell you the importance of my hobbies to my happiness is nearly impossible. I think being able to have a few minutes to sit down and spend time on a hobby is why I’m able to do the other special needs parenting things fairly well.

mabels labels2
The cabinet (a gift from a friend who was moving and didn’t have room for it, lucky me) is in a spare room on our main floor so I’m just steps away from crafting.  I can pop in and out so I have to be able to find what I need quickly. In comes Mabel’s Labels and these handy Crafter Pack Labels.

I decided next time to take care of the spice cabinet with these labels and after that the medicine cabinet with these customizable name labels. I Love these cord labels and for sure and I can’t end this post without a shout out about the Tween labels because I love them so (and I have a set with my name).


Thank you to Mabel’s Labels for their sponsorship of Support for Special Needs. Be sure to connect with them…


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What are Preschool Shoe Labels? Help your toddlers learn left from right AND label their shoes with their names!


The best kind of sponsor is one you get after you already are a consumer of their products and that is the case with Mabel’s Lables for me! All of the opinions of the awesomeness of Mabel’s Labels are my own! 

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