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Programmed to Hear the Negative

My son recently changed schools. He began on a week that was only 3 days and wasn’t even acedemic, which was good, so he’d have time to adjust to the people, new routine and new rules.

So he recently had a regular acedemic day and we got an email from his teacher. He’d experienced some anxiety and had needed to be redirected from doing a couple of minor things and so she was emailing me to tell me about it as well as ask for suggestions. She mentioned that he probably didn’t trust them yet but with time it would get better, she said, she told him he’d be fine, to relax about the classwork for now, to just listen along.

The only thing I first read and took in, were the behavior based issues. I looked right past the amazing things she said and how she wasn’t really telling on him to get him in trouble as much as she was reporting to inform me she had his back, her eye on him and of course to ask for suggestions to ease his anxiety.

Light bulb! I was stunned when I realized the real reason for the email. I’ve been so programmed over the last couple of years to hear/read reports of all the negative things about my son and very few positive reports. That’s not saying the positive reports weren’t there, it is however, supporting the fact that the negative over shadowed the positive in numbers but also in importance of the negative in the communications from the other school.

I realized I had let the old school’s way of communicating about my son train me to only read/hear the negative from others because that is largely what they shared.

Apprently he isn’t the only one who has to jump into a new atmopshere and do things differently. I thought his move to a new school was about only about him. It seems this was a good move for the entire family.



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