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Being grateful for the little things.

I used to have long conversations with my friend Dawn (and co-founder of this site) about how it felt to always be someone people thought should felt grateful.

I sometimes just feel that people don’t want me to complain because my kids were lucky enough to get kidney transplants and they’re alive. They’re doing well right now, which adds to the Be-More-Grateful pressure that I sometimes feel.

So today, I feel grateful for a lot of things, but none of them are probably on my friends that are typical parents (that’s what I call people with typically developing kids)…

1. I’m super thrilled neither of my kids had a meltdown in front of family or friends because they were overwhelmed.

2. I love that we didn’t end up in the E.R., in fact we didn’t think of the E.R. once except when we realized it was weird it was a holiday and we weren’t in one.

3. My kids both sat at the table to eat, and one of them even ate a bagel with cream cheese and two carrots.

4. Neither of my kids threw up their meds.

5. We didn’t run out of any life/kidney-saving meds.

Happy Holidays to all of my untypical¬†confidants…Rob said it best.


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