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Shopping for Kids with Special Needs?

Still shopping? Yeah, I’m still behind in my shopping, but hey, that’s what online shopping and quick shipping is for, right? Luckily you still have time to take advantage of a terrific Gift Giving Guide!

It’s on the Mayer-Johnson site, so just visitng the Gift Giving Guide, AGAIN. Honestly, y’all, look at the way the guide is organized…Gift Giving Guide. You’ll be glad you stopped and shopped there!

Shop by Price * Category * Solution 

I love how it’s organized by price levels so we can select by budget. Easy to shop by category/product type and of by special need solution. Still time to buy for THIS Christmas, but I’m fairly certain that teachers and therapists will take your presents anytime of the year! Perhaps you’ll start a new tradition of New Year presents!

Follow them on Twitter at @MayerJohnson and Facebook at DynaVox Mayer-Johnson.


We love that Mayer-Johnson is sponsoring our community and this post! While they do support our community by keeping us going – and we love that – every single opinion is my own. So support our supporters, y’all! 

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