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Going through the special needs motions.

Have you ever just been on overdrive with the things related to special needs and regular family life that you just felt like you were going through the motions? That’s where I am right now. I just need some more time in my day. Just a little would help.

I don’t even know when it happened. I have no idea at which point my mind went into Julia’s Safety Mode. There is so much going on in my family’s special needs world that I’ve just…checked out of it consciously, I think.

New meds? Check.

Labs to check that kidney function. Check. 

Advocating for an inpatient stay for procedures that are usually outpatient? Check. 

Figuring out old dog’s aliment, treatment. (Yes. My dog has special needs.) Check.

Working with tutors. Schools. Check. And check.

Med change and watch dogging for mental health changes. Check. And scary check. 

Dermatology issues for immune suppressed kids? Ugh. And Check. 

Behaviors related to mental health. Check and weary check. 

Overwhelmed and moved into auto-pilot mode. Check and double check. 

I think this is my internal coping mechanism. I honestly didn’t realize it until I went through this list that I am (and have been) coping with these particularly stressful times by pushing the reality of each individual thing aside. I do that by not adding them together. Reading the complete list makes me anxious, hence me just putting my head down and plowing through. Or swimming through.

As my friend and fellow Support for Special Needs member says, “Just keep swimming.” 

I’m feeling like I am in deep waters. But I’m still swimming.


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