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Our special needs world, today.

There has been a lot going on, which might be a reason why things are slower on the site! Sadly, I can’t make the day have anymore than 24 hours. If you figure that one out, let me know!

In short, here are some happenings…

– My son is struggling right now. We’re adjusting some meds, working on the behavior plans, helping him reduce his stress due to homework, etc. We had a med change in July we thought was okay but then with the pressure of school, we’re not so sure. Trying the drug again to see if that might be it.

– My daughter is turning 11 tomorrow. It is also her kidney transplant anniversary (= kidneyversary). I wrote a post and linked the original news story done by 11 Alive. Here it is. 

– Hopefully you know we have an arrangement with Build-A-Bear Workshop to help them with a traveling bear – Champ – that visits families touched by special needs. I love that we were able to send Champ to see the Kamata family in Japan! Please go and read and comment!  Their support keeps this site alive, so we hope you will show them our thanks!

– Sometimes it’s fun to be funny. My kids and husband frequently make me laugh, but sometimes during the heavy times we forget the funny.

– Luckily, our scare of kidney rejection in our son in July is behind us…the fear never completely leaves us though. A couple of weeks ago he had labs again and I realized we never really relax about those tests.

What’s going on in your special needs world?

I’m looking forward to the weekend, a quiet one I hope. I hope your weekend is the same. Let’s all have E.R. emergency free weekends, deal?


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