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Top 5 Good and Bad Reasons to School Starting

I’m just 3 days into the school year for 1 child and a week away from another one starting. I both want and dread the beginning of school. I know these are obvious right?

Reasons I love school starting:

1. Back on schedule. Routine is the name of the game for us, really. My son (and if I’m honest, me) really thrives on a routine.

2. Dinner is at roughly the same time. Again, with the routine. We eat in more and save money and just are happier when we eat dinner at home.

3. Friends. The kids have more friends during the school year. Summers usually mean some isolation for my kids, more so for my son.

4. Free time. Of course summers are strange because we’re off routine but it seems because of that I take less time for myself. There’s just less free time for me. And I like free time.

5. Learning. The summers tend to bring on a little stalling on the learning. This summer we really tried to keep up – we kept a tutor randomly throughout the summer, we worked on touch typing and both the kids worked on a math review book.


Reasons I don’t love school starting:

1. Sleep. I know the routine is great, but dang, we all get a lot less sleep.

2. Random Fun. I’m going to miss going out to breakfast dinner at 9pm or taking them to the pool at a whim.

3. Homework. I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of standing over either of my kids during homework time.

4. Anxiety. I am also not a fan of increased anxiety in my son. It’s hard to manage his mental health during the year and that raises my anxiety.

5. School activities. I am fine with helping the schools and attending school functions, but honestly, it gets tiring. I’m sorry, it just is.

Seriously? Love or hate school being back in session?

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