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Build-A-Bear Workshop & Champ’s Adventure!

We’re happy to report that Champ, the Build-A-Bear on an adventure around the world has landed in Slovenia.

Do you know where that is? Yeah, I didn’t either, but now I do. I’m told from the family that Champ visited that it’s a close drive to anywhere I’d want to go, which makes me what to go there!

Champ’s visit was a double adventure because the family took him on vacation to Hungary. He was visiting Hana, age 12, but ended up hanging out with Hana’s sister Neza and their cousins. Trips out to eat, to sightsee and more. Champ was around to help Hana with medication too.

Be sure to go read about Champ’s adventures on Build-A-Bear Workshop’s blog. They are sending Champ around the world to share stories of families touched by special needs and we think that is pretty special. Champ is making kids around the world smile.

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