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Special Needs and Eating…Free Webinar Series

Just want to let you know of a webinar series that looks so interesting and one I could have used about 12 years ago!

Ellyn Satter MS, RD, LCSW, renowned childhood feeding expert and author of several books on feeding, including Child of Mine and Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family, presents a free three part Webinar on the Trust Model of feeding for families dealing with special needs.

“Raising Children with Special Needs to be Competent Eaters”

A free three-part Webinar presented by Ellyn Satter and Guest Presenters!
Thursdays; April 26th, May 3rd & May 10th 1:00-2:00 p.m. Central Standard
Register once to attend all three Sessions! Register today!

Go and register here! 

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