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Build-A-Bear Workshop Sends Champ Around the World

Quinnlin making her Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Champerina!

Hopefully by now you know I’ve started to share my daughter Quinnlin’s special needs story with her new bear Champerina on the Build-A-Bear Workshop blog. I’m doing it with Quinnlin’s approval and input, which she’s enjoyed doing but admittedly she might be doing it because she thinks it will make her famous.

I’m working on another project with them to share Build-A-Bear Workshop‘s Champ – not to be confused with Champerina – with families touched by special needs around the world. Champ is on an adventure around the globe sharing hugs and smiles.

Here’s the first post about Champ’s Around the World Adventure. Champ just left our Canadian friends for a secret location 4600 miles away from there where he found some great love from new friends. His new friends, the Sears family wore him out but they treated him well and he was able to comfort the boys in their everyday (special needs) world.

Little Canadian Carter is snuggling up with Champ!

I hope you’ll read about Champ’s trip, our friends, the Sears family and how they are touched by special needs. Please comment to let Build-A-Bear Workshop know you appreciate them sending Champ for smiles around the world and you appreciate them supporting the Support for Special Needs community!


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