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Sweet Trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Bakeshop Bears (my kids' personal favorites)

Attention! Megan (of Miles), GeekDad and CJ —  congrats to each of you winning a $25 gift card from Build-A-Bear Workshop!

When I was pregnant with my youngest, Quinnlin, I took her brother Gage to Build-A-Bear Workshop® to make his new sister a Welcome-to-the-Family present. That was over 10 years ago and we’ve been Build-A-Bear fans ever since. The kids have made a lot of animals over the years… and we’ve celebrated more than one birthday creating loveable friends.

When Build-A-Bear asked me if the kids might like to go and create a bear named Cookie, Cupcake and Donut or maybe a Kissing Puppy and Kitty, it took me about 1 second to say yes. I mean, perfect treat before Valentine’s Day, right?

A two hearted wish, then inside Billy they went!

Hearts for the son requested 2, put them to his forehead and sent good thoughts to Billy.

We had a great time over our Winter break at one of our local Build-A-Bear Workshops where Gage picked Sprinkle Donut (it was blue and a “boy” after all, now named Billy) and Quinnlin picked Confetti Cupcake Bear now named Sprinkles. Confused yet? While some might think my son is a bit old for Build-A-Bear Workshop but you won’t hear that come out of our mouths. Stuff animals have been a mainstay for the kids through their medical journey as comforting friends. “Billy” is nearby as he sleeps comfortably in a hammock made with the back of a chair and my son’s bed frame and “Sprinkles” is already a favorite friend.

“Bath” time…and laughing! Note the pretend eating of the donut! 

While there Gage noticed a must have accessory – a guitar – high up on a display (he’s taking lessons) and before I knew it, he’d sent an employee in back who happily retrieved it for him and reloaded several on a shelf, all the while giving him kudos for helping make sure the store was in check! Their new friends wear simple clothes of jeans, Sprinkles with a “peace” shirt and Billy sports an orange hoodie.

Build-A-Bear is letting me give away THREE $25 dollar gift cards for a little one you love, to create a little one they love.

Leave a comment about a favorite stuff animal of your child or yours before January 20, 5pm EST and we’ll randomly pick three of you to win a $25 gift card so you can create a new friend! Enter to win now!


Announcing! I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that I’ll be sharing Quinnlin’s story of navigating the world of special needs along with a special Build-A-Bear Workshop friend for the next several months on their new blog…which is coming soon! Of course, we’ll let you know when it’s live!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Build-A-Bear Workshop and because they’re terrific to work with 3 gift card winners will get to benefit from it, too!

Prices: Kisses For You Puppy and Kitty, 2 for $30 or $18 each. Bakeshop Bears, 2 for $35 or $20 each.

We may have a girl whose name begins with Q in our house who will love to learn that on January 20th (this week!) Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing their new Victoria Justice bear!

Do you know what Bearville is? It’s Build-A-Bear Workshops’s online version of their friend  accessible by a code my kids both received on their bears. Yeah, they loved that too.

Also, because I think about my kids putting things in their mouths past age 3 (sensory seekers!), be sure to check and see which animals are noted as safe for 3 and under!

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