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12 Ways 2012 Could Rock

Happy New Year!

Just for kicks! I’m listing ways my 2012 could rock. Join in! I mean, I already think my 2012 will rock, but a girl can dream, right?

1. Insurance would shamelessly approve each and every procedure, test and prescription our doctors ordered.

2. Our schools would make I.E.P.s painless…or E.I.E.P; Easily Implemented Education Plan

3. Each doctor, therapist, and counselor would return our calls immediately and cheerfully.

4. Each goal will be met and realistic goals set (without losing services that are helping) for our kids.

5. My kids won’t be bullied.

6. My kids will make new friends.

7. A grant will fall out of the sky to pay for co-pays.

8. We will win a weekly cleaning service.

9. We will win free gourmet dinner delivery once a week.

10. We get 8 hours a sleep per night.

11. We always have a camera (charged and turned on) to record the milestones.

12. We will have an abundance of leisure time to ourselves and time with the people we love.

What’s on your Ways 2012 Could Rock list?


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