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Neglected in first years of life, girl opens heart to new family

Link to story in the Tennessean

It had been a year since police rescued her from a tiny, roach-infested room in Florida. She had survived her first seven years confined there by her birth mother, cut off from other human contact.

Damaged and badly delayed in her development, Dani drew national attention after a Pulitzer Prize-winning story in the St. Petersburg Times thrust her unique challenges and adoption onto the national stage. Everyone from Oprah to Anderson Cooper came calling. Those who heard her story were inspired to cry, to adopt and to take a more vigilant approach toward neglected children.

Photos of Dani

Link to original story in the St. Petersburg Times in 2008, where I first read about Dani and her amazing spirit and family.

An update story from Tampa Bay in August 2011

Dani’s family’s site

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