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Halloween Monday? Who thought October flew by?

I don’t usually say time passes quickly but it did this month. What is that saying…the days are long the years (or months) are short? We’ll be writing about New Year’s Day before you know it.

We’re in full swing here and have some great things on the horizon. For example, starting on November 10th, Jen Lee Reeves of Born Just Right. She was so enthusiastic to do something here, we thought this doing our Friday wrap ups would be a great way to jump in! Welcome her! You can find her on Twitter at JenLeeReeves. Thanks Jen!

New Members!

Lindsey – her little boy has the same disease my kids have and so I hope I can personally offer her support as they move to kidney transplant. Very exciting times. Welcome Lindsey!

Rob – he came over here from to read and comment on the recent Silo post about working together in the larger disability community. Thanks for your comments.

Alicia – also came over as a result of the Silo post…Alicia, I appreciate your comments as well. Please click on her page and her blog and go get to know her. I am.

Paula – married mom to a teenager waiting for a liver transplant. I hope we can learn from each other. While I’ve been through the transplant journey (with kidneys) we’ll also be working the liver transplant system as well. Welcome Paula!

Don’t Miss Topics & Groups!

School  and IEP Groups...IEP Discussions is one of them, be sure to check in if you have questions about an IEP or are needing support about one of those meetings you  might have coming up.

Community member Jen Troester let me take an off-line discussion in email and put it in a topic. It’s about changes to her daughter’s IEP but Jen is struggling with the idea of pulling out for lunch because that removes some social interactions she can use…weigh in!


Also a new group for 504 ADA and Parenting the Special Needs College Student has started so go and join it if you have an interest in information about college and disabilities.

Adults…happy to say we also have a fairly new group for College Students & Adults with Disabilities started by self advocate Erin Breedlove (@erinrbreedlove), go and join that group because Erin is terrific and open and welcoming. Get to know her!

Groups for FunScrapbooking is under that category. Be sure to join and check out group owner Siobhan’s tips and tricks. She’s a photography and Creative Memories rep, in case you need any supplies. She also makes some great books and she is great at helping people stay focused (namely, me).

Stressed? So, I’m  headed over to our Caregiver Stress group. Come and talk about it. Also, there’s a private group you need to ask to join that is Room for Rants. Join and share what is getting under your skin.

Community member Andy’s son is facing eye surgery on November 1st…been through it with yourself or your child? Go offer support in the Visual Impairment Group.

How to Get Around on the Site!

The best, quickest way to see what is going on is to visit the Latest Activity Stream, which you can click on in the bar on the top of the site. You can also check out Our Forums, which also can be found on the top bar. And of course, in the center of the site on the home page you will see what current topics are being visited.

How To…Wondering how to do something? Here’s a list of How To topics for you presented in a simple way.

We hope your weekend is off to a great start. If it is, share with someone who could use some support in the groups, and if your weekend isn’t off to a great start, share the struggles. It’s always better to know someone is in the same boat, right?

Note: To support the site we make money on some products, product categories and services that we talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. We get a small commission on sales of those products.That in no way affects our opinions of those products and services.

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