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Helping Kids Understand Kidney Failure & Transplants

Rudy Gets a Transplant

Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine

A couple of years ago when our girl was in acute kidney failure an author contacted me to see if she could send us a book, Rudy Gets a Transplant. It’s about a dog named Rudy and his experience through kidney failure and transplant. The author, Stacy Raye Waibel, didn’t ask me to review the books, but I did because we had such a good experience with one of them explaining transplant to my daughter and her classmates. It wasn’t scary or overwhelming and the kids felt safe to ask questions, which was the most we could hope for back then.

Stacy recently asked if I’d like a copy of her new book, Rudy’s Incredible Kidney Machine and sent me a copy and one to give the hospital that serves the kids. both kids really liked the book and I think it handled some big issues really well. I’m happy to share them here because the books are really kid-friendly and they’re a good value, too.

I’m all for anything that can help the kids process what they’re going through and these books really helped. I only wished we’d had the Rudy’s Incredible Kidney Machine when my son first started dialysis. It was a very scary time and while we did a pretty good job at explaining what was happening (so fast!) it would have been nice to do it through the book.

I’d highly recommend this book for kids facing dialysis and/or transplant as well as the kids in their lives to help them process what is going on as well.





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