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Our Amazing Kids with Special Needs

I just dropped my kid off at middle school. Two weeks ago I dropped my other kid at elementary school.

This happens in millions of families all over the world. I get that many other families have done the same thing; they’ve prepared by getting supplies, filling out forms and attending open houses at schools.

But I have to let you in on a secret.

I feel my kids are superior. Nothing against your neurotypical kids at all. Not a thing against them, really, but it’s just so much more everything for our families. Yes, I’m speaking for all the families of kids with differences of any kind.

I know for us, we have to prepare our kids weeks in advance to help give them the best start with the least anxiety.

We have to have meetings at the end of the last school for this school year; often reading a crystal ball to head off challenges.

We have to work with our doctors and school nurses for medication.

We have to think about what issues our kids faced over the summer and provide updates and reports to educators.

We have to keep our own anxiety in check. Anxiety about bullies, evaluations/reports, teacher readiness, modification implementation, extra equipment/needs for proper access to education, friendship building opportunities and so much more.

Our kids have to work harder to achieve what comes easy to others so their outlay of energy is greater.

Our worry is greater than it is for typical families. Emotional, financial (private pay therapies, private schools, extra tutoring), social.

We have to work out and worry about transportation of our kids; will they be safe? Are they vulnerable?

The worry we face each day stays somewhat in check day-to-day, but at the beginning of the year it’s heightened. It’s heightened because for our kids to walk in a typical world, which they have to do to the best of their ability every single day, it takes more energy and thought for everyone in the family.

It just does.

I feel a certain superiority on behalf of my kids because of it and I’m not afraid to admit it anymore.

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