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What’s Going On?

We’ve had a lot going on since our return from BlogHer. The #moreincommon hashtag is in use and we’ve listed several blog posts in our BlogHer wrap up post. If you have one to add, let us know by filling out the form on the bottom and we’ll add yours to the list.

Be sure to add to our list of What Do ALL Parents Want list…it’s a carry over from our More in Common theme, hoping that we’ll be able to bridge the gaps that exist within the special needs population to impact change.

We Need to Share and Talk!

We have a lot of new members and we hope to add more so be sure to share our site with your network. We’re especially interested in adults with disabilities being members. This place is for everyone; parents/caregivers, people with special needs/disabilities, family/friends, teachers/professionals…anyone who wants to share wisdom, learn and grow and impact change. This is a safe space for all who wish to share here. Here is the premise on which we started Support for Special Needs and our Community Guidelines.

Our HOW TO pages can be found on the home page left hand bottom. If you don’t find something you need help with, please email us! We’re here to help.

To see what is going on visit the Latest Site Activity on the top bar (here’s a link to the page so you can see what it looks like!).

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New Members

Please welcome our new members! So many over the last week. We hope you will click around to new members and get to know each other and see what you have in common with each other…

Tricia Gardner – lhbhmom –  a full time work at home mom of a wonderful daughter who was born with only one normal hand and one little hand due to Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Myrna Viviers – myrna mom to a 17 month old girl with a recent diagnosis of Sotos. She’s looking to connect with other parents of children with Sotos.

Lisa Gallegos – yuckmouthmommyI’m a mother of 7, plus 3 fur babies, and my wonderful/jerkface hubby! I have a son on the spectrum, one with ADHD, and a daughter with SPD.

Amanda Echterling – james123 mom to James, a happy loving almost 2 year old with invdupdel 8p chromosome disorder, ACC, bilateral moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Resident of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Molly – mcarta7I’m a 22 year old with CP who loves life and is working to make this world more available to young people with special needs.

Diane Davis – didavisI am the parent of an adult child born with limb differences. I also volunteered for over 15 years as an advocate for families with children with special needs in the systems that serve them, including becoming a hearing officer for the Nevada Department of Education and providing “paralegal-like” support for attorneys and representing parents in meditations with systems. I am also a photographic artist, a creative, a networker and an entrepreneur.

Sandi – swtxsangel I live in Wa. State with my husband, step son and 7 yr old special needs son..he’s the joy of my life, but also the one who has the most going on…and I”m not the most organized person…could really use some help

Daria – daria Mom to two great kids, one of which happens to also have some extra chromosomes. In my former life I was an aquatic biologist, but now I write and photograph and answer to mommy.

Storms – stormsI am a 25 year old mother of two. My oldest son has partial trisomy 11, mental retardation, expressive language disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, incontinence, tethered spinal cord, multiple diagnosis’s. I’m just looking for some support.

Happy weekend!

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