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What do all parents want?

The BlogHer Special Needs Mini-Con has brought out some interesting realizations for me. I’m so pleased we are talking about what we have in common with each other (#moreincommon) to help bridge even our separateness in our community. I believe we can can work to bring our individual platforms to the foreground while we band together for the greater good of the special needs movement.

All of this talk has me thinking about what we all have in common. People with typical kids; you know, the ones with typical lives. In my head I started to list ways we are like the others…

We want our kids to be happy.

We want to provide our kids with the basics and a little more. Security.

We want good health insurance.

We want to build memories.

We want our kids to fell welcome in a group of children playing.

We want our kids to find their bliss.

We want our kids to be judged fairly.

We want our kids to be safe and protected.

We want our kids to have what they need to reach their potential.

We want…

What are some more things we all want for our kids and families?



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