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So happy that our announcement about co-hosting the BlogHer Special Needs Mini-Con has been well received throughout the special needs community and we’re thrilled so many of you have signed up to be on the list!

Couple of things regarding BlogHer ’11!

1) We’d love to send out a little button for you to attach to your name badge or lanyard so bloggers who identify with the special needs community can easily spot each other! Please email Julia your name, blog name, Twitter ID and your snail mail address (honestly, it’s just myself and my intern who will have it, so it’s safe!)


2) We’d love to start hosting profile days of bloggers who will be attending BlogHer so if you’d like to share some of your info so we can get to know each other a little BEFORE BlogHer (a little over a month away!) then please answer these questions and send along with a picture if you like and your address for reason #1 and we’ll be on our way! If we profile enough bloggers, we’ll post profiles a few times a week! Consider it insider scoopage!

Please email the following information!

Name, Blog URL/Name and Twitter ID & picture of yourself if you like!

Share if you will what the focus of your blog is…

Have you been to BlogHer before and what do you hope to get out of it?

What is your biggest challenge with blogging relating to special needs?

Have a kid? Or two? Tell us about them if you like!

Share something fun about yourself…particularly if it’s something odd!

Please help spread the word by sharing this link: in your own network of people! Thank you!


Children with Special Needs and Navigating Friendships

Some community members have been talking about about how our children with special needs navigate friendships; especially as they age and are aware they are different and sometimes dismissed. Be sure to weigh in today.


Support Community Member New to a Special Need…

Community member Courtney just created the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Recover group…be sure to join if it applies or share with someone you may know. She has been VERY recently introduced to the topic so go find out why. Courtney also just joined the existing – but too quiet – group for CP – Life Beyond Limits, Raising Kids with Cerebral Palsy. Go and start a topic by clicking on Forum, the Start Topic. So easy!


Need to Vent? Join Room to Rant!

So, we started the Room for Rants group as private so it’s a bit hard to find, but if you go to Groups and type in “Room” in the search bar and it’ll come up. What can you say there? Um…anything! Something really bugging you  that you don’t want way out there? This group is private and not google-able. Come and rant; your safe there.


Easy Way to See What’s Happening Around the Site!

A few times a day I try to check in on the Activity stream, at the top of the site there’s link called Latest Site Activity and when you click on it you’ll get to see any new topics, posts or community members!





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