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Celebrating Play and Fun!

We’re so excited this week to give you chances to win cool stuff from sponsors that have supported us throughout the year! One of these is actually one of our partners who has a site on our site! Recently we started a program to look at their toys from a special needs perspective as well as just a “this is really cool” perspective.

We’re doing the (always honest) reviews at their branded site on Support for Special Needs. So go check it out!

Day 2 of the week long celebration! Of our 1 Year Anniversary! Or Birthday…say it however you like!

#1 – Roylco Rocks! the fine people at Roylco jumped at the chance to give away a hug set of the Straws and Connectors. They say “Ages 5+ Simple to use for endless hours of imaginative play! Make playhouses and forts, design building s, engineer spacecrafts. Appropriate for a wide age range. The most economical building set around! Includes idea guide.”

Did you know we partner with them on a review site? where we look at their products as parents first, then as special needs parents? Roylco is fantastic to work with them because we they’re great, make super products and we need all the supporters we can get!




#2 – Videos! Look at these Disney Videos…we’ll give them away as a set. The Crimson Wind is directed by Matthew Aeberhard and Leander Ward. It takes viewers to the isolated shores of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania for a birds-eye view of the mysterious lives of flamingos.and Oceans – An ecological drama/documentary, filmed throughout the globe. Part thriller, part meditation on the vanishing wonders of the sub-aquatic world.


#3 $20 Gift Certificate from our first regular site sponsor, Therapy Shoppe. They have some great stuff…personally here at our home we have the Sheep Sound Machine and a bunch of other things, but Sheepy, as he’s known in our house the most well-loved Therapy Shoppe item! We love it just about as much as we love Therapy Shoppe. They have some great things and great customer service!


WANT TO WIN!? Comment by Wednesday, May 3rd, midnight EST

Just leave a comment and tell us something fun! Something about playing! Something that makes YOU smile or better yet, US! So…go forth. We’re going to pick three winners and we’ll randomly pick which thing you get! (psst…tomorrow is a day of gift cards, just so you know).


Note: To support the site we make money on some products, product categories and services that we talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. We get a small commission on sales of those products.That in no way affects our opinions of those products and services.

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