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One Year! Celebrate with us!

We’re so happy to announce that yesterday was our ONE YEAR anniversary here at Support for Special Needs. May 1 we launched the site and we’re so happy we did. It’s been extremely rewarding to provide resources, but also to get to know so many people who don’t mind sharing their experiences with others…and with me.

We’re happy to be giving away some neat things and all of them are from companies that have supported our efforts over the year so they are worth mentioning! So, we hope you will dig around the site and come back each day to see what sponsors are helping us!

Twelve Giveaways for 12 Months!

#1 – Smiling (and clean teeth) are awesome! So is Firefly! My kids love these because they light up and I can use all the help I can get in them brushing their teeth. Honestly? People loved this giveaway when we did it last year so I asked the fine people at Firefly if we could get a bunch of them to giveaway. I wanted 12 to represent the 12 months, but then they said more! So we have 3 of each of these Firefly designs, 18 total,…Original, Baby FireFly, Spiderman, Peanuts, Hot Wheels and Barbie.

They are made of soft, high quality dupont bristles that won’t cause microscopic cuts to children’s delicate gums, are ergonomically sized for a child’s hands,  and the light stops functioning after approximately 3 months, indicating it is time to replace the toothbrush

Available at Target, Meijer’s, and drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide, or apparently here at our site if you do something simple and are lucky!

You know what else is cool? They have a campaign started (April 12th) for new LIKEs on their Facebook page Firefly Toothbrush will donate $1 for each one up to $2,500, to the non-profit Smile Train.


*******Want 1 or more Firefly Toothbrushes? Just comment here and tell us you hate cavities. Or something else that is clever! (depending on how many enter, you could get more than one!) be sure to do it by Monday, 5pm EST*******


#2 = Kid Companions Chewelry shares two of their completely awesome necklaces with us. They are the kind of thing I’d wished I’d know about two years ago when my son was anxious to the max and was chewing his way through it clothes.

Kid Companions Chewelry: Pink Heart pendants are worn by many special little princesses! They are fashionable with a colorful lanyard which is 100% organic cotton, colorfast and pre-washed with plant-based ingredients. Safe and colorful, shapes are smooth and pleasing with a hard embossed “dot” surrounded by a rubbery heart. The hearts have a sensory dip with a worry stone feel. Circles and Hearts both have “Abstract dots on back offering interesting imagery possibilities.” Kid Companions Chewelry: Helping children with sensory challenges discreetly and fashionably!  Safe, non-toxic and made for kids, tweens and teens.


Kid Companions Chewelry: Black Circle pendant is our most popular choice for boys. Stylish yet discreet worn around the neck, this sensory chewy fidget is easily accessible but not an embarrassment to the user and not a distraction to others.  These efficient chewables are BPA, phalate free, lead and latex free. The durable lanyards are 100% organic cotton, colorfast and pre-washed with plant-based ingredients. Designed by a mom, sourced in USA/Canada, made in Canada and sold to the world. If you don’t win one of these, not to worry…you can buy them for $17.49 +s/h!


*******Want to win a piece of Chewelry? Then pop on over to the Caregiver Stress and leave a comment! We’ll select a recipient from those comments by tomorrow, TUESDAY, by 5pm EST. So…get going!*******


Celebrate this week with us!


Note: To support the site we make money on some products, product categories and services that we talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. We get a small commission on sales of those products.That in no way affects our opinions of those products and services.

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