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Wikki Stix Giveaway!

I get a lot of press releases that come to Support for Special because they may (or honestly may not and the press person is taking a long shot) be related to kids or special needs. I saw this one about Wikki Stix™ and had a flashback about them helping my son while he was fighting with anxiety.

I could tell you  what their press release said…”Wikki Stix, the first-ever line of colorful, moldable sticks that can be used to create anything a child can dream up.  Made and manufactured in the USA, the unique food grade, non-toxic wax and acrylic yarn formula was designed to stimulate a child’s imagination without parental concern over safety or clean-up.”

But I really want to tell you that they helped my son get through the day. We sent many packages to school with him to be pulled, bent, twisted and well, lost. Many, many packages because he isn’t so well organized. They are a little waxy and bendable and they offer hours of finger play to keep kids like my son occupied. For him it kept him from chewing his clothes or ripping up his shoes at school when it seemed he was most stressed out. Now that he’s gotten proper treatment for anxiety, we can play with them for how they were intended! Just for fun!

The press release continues to say “Simple to peel up and reposition, Wikki Stix foster a play environment that is mistake-proof and endless – there is no right or wrong way to play and the sky is the limit on what can be created.  If a child is not happy with the end result, simply unroll and start again.” I like that because my kids struggle with self-esteem and these aren’t hard to use with their abilities.

We’re giving away an activity set! Simply go to this topic in the Anything Goes Group and let us know what something your little one (or big one) busy when they (or we) need them to focus for a few minutes (or 15)!

We’re going to keep this open through Sunday, March 27 at midnight. Go! Share!

Wikki Stix products are sold at hundreds of retailers in every U.S. state and consumers can do a search by state on the website. The products are available internationally in Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, England, Australia and France and online at They do not contain lead, latex, peanut or nut oils. Unlike imitators in the marketplace, which are mostly made overseas, top-ranked Wikki Stix have always been proudly made in America.












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