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Cinda B Giveaway!

Just to keep things interesting around here we decided to do another day’s giveaway before the Holidays. Cinda B was one of our first sponsors and supporters and they wanted to give our community members a chance to win 1 of 6 bags ranging from Catchalls to the popular Vacationer. These are from their collectible Vintage Collection.

First up! The Catchall purses; we have two to giveaway. The pink and the ivory (the pink has short handles and the ivory one has long). I personally have two of these and I love them. Did you know that they are water resistant? This means you can spill your kid’s liquid flavored meds in it and easily wash it. I know this because I’ve done it! They’ve also thrown in some check book covers for you!

Second! The Overnighter bag in Ivory — need I say more? Well, then I’d have to say curling/flat iron case because you’d get one of those too. You can pack your iron hot because it’s insulated. Cinda is brilliant, isn’t she? The Overnighter is the first bag I grab when we are on the way to the doctor or ER if I think we’re going to be there awhile. Just the perfect size!

Third! The Weekender — two lucky winners will  get one! We have a Roundabout Brown and an Ivory (pictured here) to giveaway. Great for weekends away or a couple of days with your kids in recovery, it’s roomy and has those great side pockets for your cell phone and candy bars.

Fourth, we have the Vacationer bag in Ivory, which honestly fits everything you might need for a trip! I’ve used mine for a week long trip as well as stuffed it full of my and my kid’s clothes for a shorter trip. Roomy pockets on the sides that fit books, iPods and snacks, you’ll love this bag. Plus you know what? You can fold these up and shove them in a closet for storage; they don’t take a ton of room.

Don’t know what to get someone? Give them a Cinda B…useful and beautiful! (I should know…I have 5 of them! But I still want more!)

For a chance to win one of these (winners chosen randomly) just go over to the Behavior group and let’s have a little fun, even when we talk about behaviors of our kids. Tell us a story that might have had your mortified but looking back is pretty funny. Like the time my kid pulled a fire alarm in preschool! Go here and share…

Thanks Cinda of Cinda B for sharing some of your bags with us!

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