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American Girl Giveaway

I can’t believe it! It’s our very last giveaway of the whole dang Great Big Wish List Giveaway!!! And we are ending on a high note with our American Girl giveaway! Here’s what’s on the list:

American Girl Craft Pack:

American Girl DVD Pack

American Girl Innerstar University Book Pack:

American Girl Historical Mystery & Crafty Book Pack

2010 Girl of the Year doll, Lanie

I’ll tell you, this has been a wee bit overwhelming (you may not know it but Julia and I do this web site on the side of the rest of our lives — meaning between and around the demands of our work, school, homeschool, kids’ school, freelance, family, health stuff, life stuff — and that’s why we sometimes may take a minute or two to get back to you!) but it has also been GREAT! Our goal was to make your holidays a little more fun and a little easier by gifting you some great toys and also alerting you to some wonderful things to add to your wish lists but also to help us get to know you and help you to get to know US (and the site)! And that has been absolutely totally worth it!!

To that end, here’s how you enter to win this contest!

  1. Head to your profile page (not sure how to get there? Look up at the light gray bar at the top of the page and click your avatar);

  2. Look at the left sidebar and you’ll see an Invite Anyone block;

  3. Invite anyone!

When you invite someone you will get this achievement. Achievements are just little fun rewards that people get when they do stuff on the site. When you invite a person to join us, you’ll automatically get the Bring a Friend achievement and we’ll pull winners from the people who are listed on the Bring a Friend page. Of course you can invite more than one friend (and we’d love it if you would!) but you just need to invite one to enter to win.

By the way, after you’ve invited people you can see the status of your invitations by going back to the Send Invite tab in your profile and choosing the little email icon. That will pull up the list of people you’ve sent invites to and tell you if they’ve registered. Pretty nifty, eh?

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