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Roylco Wish List Giveaway

Popular with teachers who know serious play value when they see it, Roylco is all about nurturing your child’s imagination.These are AMAZING creative toys and art kits that will keep your kids busy and content. They are so very very cool that you will probably want to get in on the fun, too!

Their selection is extensive so the easiest way to find the exactly right gift might be to go straight to their 2010 Virtual Catalog. Once it loads you can flip through its pages just like a print catalog.

Wait until you see what we’re giving away!

R4959 Roylco® Mix & Match Emotions Masks
Create countless combinations of emotions by combining the eyes with the mouths. Beautifully illustrated in a range of skin tones. Children will use the masks to learn how to identify and express emotions. Printed on plastic for years of use. 4 x 8″ (10 x 20 cm). Includes idea guide. 30 emotion masks. Age 4+ MSRP: $24.99

R83052 Roylco® Art At Home Leaf Critters
Arrange printed leaves to make art animals! Organize the printed leaves on the beautiful scenery cards and glue in place with included glue stick. The illustrated instructions make it easy. 81 pieces. Ages 5-15+ MSRP: $14.99

R83050 Roylco® “Learn From The Masters” Portrait Pack
Drawing portraits is easy when you have a straight-forward, fully illustrated, step-by-step system and beautiful drawing paper. Includes everything you need to accurately place and draw the features. 62 pieces. Ages 8-18+ MSRP: $19.99

R83051 Roylco® Masterpiece Crayon Kit
Draw, rub, stencil and scribble incredible artwork! Our kit includes 12 beautifully illustrated scenes with blank areas for children to decorate and 12 blank frame sheets. Includes: 8 crayons, 9 simple stencils, 4 rubbing plate designs, illustrated instructions and web resources. 44 pieces. Ages 3+ MSRP: $24.99

R6085 Roylco® Straws and Connectors™
Appropriate for a wide age range. Perfect for birthday gifts. Includes idea guide. 230/pkg. Age 4+ MSRP: 15.99

R60880 Roylco® Straws and Connectors™
Build a fort, rocket, boat, tower, tunnel or bridge! Design your own scientific model or create a unique contraption. The straws fit snuggly on the connectors, but are flexible so you can build arches and tubes. 400 pieces. Age 4+ MSRP: $24.99

R6090 Roylco® Straws and Connectors™
Simple to use for endless hours of imaginative play! Make play houses or forts, design buildings, engineer spacecrafts. Appropriate for a wide range of ages. The most economical building set around! Includes idea guide. Age 5+ MSRP: $38.49

To enter this one, you need to head over to our Book Club forum headed up by the wonderful Barb and comment on this post weighing in on a great book we ought to consider for a future book club. Barb has worked like crazy to create a thriving book club and she needs your help! Join there and comment and wham-o! You’re entered for this truly marvelous giveaway!

Also, because the Straws and Connectors™ are so nifty, we wanted to share a video that shows how they work. They are a terrific, lightweight, easy-to-manipulate building toy.


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