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Schleich Wish List Giveaway

If you’re a parent of a certain age you may best know Schleich as the creator of the Smurf figurines. Remember how fun those were? But they also make a whole world of other super-detailed, super-playful figures from the natural world and the imaginary one. These are playthings that go way beyond the generic “action figure” label. These are true works of art, heavy and sculpted with terrific attention to every little limb and ever tiny toe. When you hold one of these sturdy figurines in your hand, you know why they are so collectible. You will get lost in the carefully executed details and they are sure to open up your child’s imagination.

We have five sets to give away today.

Here are the Schleich figures and sets we will be giving away. Please click through so you can see more images of these truly amazing toys:

Gigantosaurus — Researched and reproduced in close co-operation with the Natural History Museum, Berlin, this 1:40 scale version of the Giganotosaurus looks fierce with its sharp teeth and scaly skin. He was the largest carnivore to have lived with a 6 foot skull and razor sharp teeth. He comes complete with a booklet containing scientific data plus a figure of a human in the same scale, helping children to imagine what it would be like to come face to face with one of these magnificent creatures. Ages 3 and up. SRP: $33.99

The New Bayala Tribe of Arelan – there are four elves in this new tribe, each have taken on characteristics of their animal companions:

·        Apricum, meaning sunlight, is a striking figure with antlers protruding from his shoulders just like his Stag companion. They sit across his shoulders, go down his back and rest on his hips. He also holds an amazing sword around his waist in a scabbard. The deer stands tall and is true to life. Ages 3 and up. SRP: $16.49
·        Arelan: Thin tapered wings enable this duo to fly at high speeds and to change direction rapidly. The figure stands tall holding his falcon companion on his arm, showing off the beautiful detailed feathers which are spread out ready to fly off into the sky! Ages 3 and up. SRP: $16.49
·        Gregis, meaning pride, is an impressive looking hybrid and will certainly stand out from the pack. With fur growing all over his back, arms and large feet he resembles his companion, the wolf. Swords are strapped across his back and he stands in a slightly crouched posture ready to jump! Ages 3 and up. SRP: $16.49
·        Noctis, meaning night, reflects the features of his companion, the panther. He stands strong with a lit torch stretched out in front of him and carries a bow and arrows on his back. The panther stands closely to demonstrate the common strength, power and similarity. Ages 3 and up. SRP: $16.49

A Show Jumping Course (SRP: $43.99)and Show Jumping Set ($16.99) plus a Lipizzaner Stallion (SRP: $6.99). All are for ages 3 and up.
·        Great practice for the big day, the show jumping course is a challenging lineup of obstacles. The set of obstacles in the show jumping course are perfect practice for your Schleich stallions. Think of the countless ways you can set up routines for your equine friends! Until practice makes perfect, your show jumping course will be durable and dependable.
·        Show Jumping Set Proudly seated in the saddle, the rider is mounted atop her bridled, strapping show Lipizzaner Stallion: From black to white, Lipizzaner horses are found throughout the spectrum. During the reign of the Hapsburgs, the nobility and the military in Europe were interested in a strong but flexible breed of horses to suit their purposes. In the late sixteenth century, Archduke Charles II founded a farm at Lipizza where horses were bred very selectively to become the breed we know and love today. The Spanish Riding School, located in Vienna, Austria, has showcased Lipizzaners in performances of classical dressage movements and training since the interest in these horses began. There are approximately only 2,000 Lipizzan horses in the world today.

Marween and Florindel
·        Part of Schleich’s Fantasy Bayala world, Marween is a playful elf who is having fun with her raccoon while lying back on her beautiful grey horse. Marween wears a pixie-like outfit with striking red and white tights and a funky green skirt. Her delicate wings lay either side of the horse glistening in the sun. Marween lifts off of her horse, providing even greater play value. Ages 3 and up. SRP: $16.49
·        Florindel – SRP: $6.49 – Ages: 3 and up.  Also from Bayala, this bright-looking elf is stunning from head to toe. With her yellow gerbera like wings and beautiful clothes, Florindel will definitely light up any dark places. Curly brunette hair falls past Florindel’s shoulders, which compliments her pretty face. She is joined by a grey fluffy kitten which she is holding lovingly in her arms.

Moose Family
The Moose is one of the largest species in the deer family. The bull is distinguished by large antlers while the cow doesn’t grow them; the calf completes the family. All are hand-painted, durable and modeled on nature, making them realistic representations. Add imagination for a forest full of fun! For ages 3 and up. SRP: Moose Bull – $8.49; Moose Cow – $6.99; Moose Calf – $3.49

How you can win

Today’s contest is over at the Caregiver Stress forum. We’re talking about YOU today! Let’s talk about coping mechanisms. What do you do that works? What do you do that works but you wish you could quit because it’s maybe not the best thing for you?

Let’s talk about it!

P.S. We’re tracking down winners who haven’t sent their snail mail addresses for earlier giveaways but we need help! We can’t find information about two of our giveaway winners! (Our system broke down — argh!) We’re looking for the winner of the Chicalookate set and one of the flock of birds. I’ve heard from Colleen, Melanie, Kristen and Lisa but I don’t have the name of the fifth winner. If you got a private message and haven’t responded, please let me know ASAP! If we don’t hear from our winners within 14 days of the contest closing, we will have to give the set away to a new winner! Thanks!)

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