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Great Big Wish List Giveaway: Wild! Science

Wild! ScienceThis is a giveaway for the bigger kids: We’re giving away FIVE Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball kits from Wild! Science!

Make your own mass accelerating launch balls and discover the science of elastic collisions. Create almost impossible bouncing ball tricks and much more! Mix and mold a supercharged ‘planet collision’ accelerator which fires a small ‘moon’ into orbit. The kit includes 4 graduated size molds and over 6 activities. 10+ years.

• Make a scientifically calibrated series of explosive release super balls.

• Explore energy transmission, shock and momentum. A Big Force put into a tiny mass = huge acceleration.

People, this is serious science (note the included safety goggles). And it’s also serious fun! The good folks at Wild! Science also have extras for you once you have the kit. You can go here and get additional instructions along with information for teachers or other grown-ups who are into education. You’ll just need the barcode on your kit.

Wild! Science has lots of other terrific science-related toys, too, including an improvement on the traditional ant farm with the Ant-O-Sphere and bringing the science to cosmetics with the Perfect Perfume Lab.

So how do you win?

We looked at this kit and the incredible bouncing balls you can make and we said, “Wow, that totally reminds me of  our kids when they are dealing with changes in their routines!!!” You know, ricocheting off the walls? Lots of pent up energy exploding with incredible force? The need for safety equipment?

Yeah, that’s the holidays at a lot of our homes, isn’t it?

So to enter this giveaway, please go to the Behavior Issues group and comment here, to give us your best tips and dealing with kids who get all shook up when the holidays arrive. I think most of us could use the tips!

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