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Great Big Wish List Giveaway: Therapy Shoppe

Therapy ShoppeOne of our very first sponsors for our very first giveaway was The Therapy Shoppe. If you are looking for gifts this holiday season that are fun and helpful or need to find something special for your child’s teacher to use in the classroom, they should be your first stop. Toys are clearly organized to let you find just the thing for whatever challenging your child is facing and if you’re still not sure, you can take advantage of their terrific customer service and contact them to get some direction.

For the Great Big Wish List Giveaway, the Therapy Shoppe is giving (note: we are using their product descriptions):

Daisy Peg Playset: Especially nice for traveling therapists, this peg set is grand for 1:1 therapy, home, classroom workstations, or on-the-go play. Features 240 pegs, a built-in sorting tray with 6 compartments for organizing the pegs, and a “locking” storage unit that stores all the pegs underneath the daisy-shaped pegboard. You’ll love it! 11″x11″.

String Along Kit: Therapists, parents, and teachers RAVE about this FABULOUS toy!!! This dynamo lacing/stitching/punching kit works on building bilateral, eye-hand, fine finger, design copy skills and correct pencil grasp; while providing proprioceptive input to fingers/hands! Kids can create their own designs or follow one of the kit’s 16 colorful pattern cards to make gorgeous pictures/patterns! Pick a string, thread the Punch Pen then “punch and pull” a colorful design. The extra super sturdy design board, kid-safe Punch Pen, and 18 bright laces will provide infinite hours of lacing fun for individual children–or all the kids on your caseload! This reusable “picture perfect” set is truly exceptional!

Soft Foam Lacing Beads: Velvety soft lacing beads in 5 pretty colors and 3 fun shapes! These durable, chunky lacers are nice for sorting, patterning, stacking, color/shape recognition, and tactile discrimination. This very tactile set includes 48 beads and 2 deluxe laces; packed in a sturdy plastic container.

Wikki Stix Book of Wiggles, Squiggles & Curlicues: This darling hands-on, interactive “board book” features 15 pages of charming rhymes and fun illustrations with something missing! Kids complete the colorful pictures using specific colors of Wikki Stix by following simple directions incorporated on each page. A delightful way to help little ones build their fine finger and eye-hand skills while learning their colors! Comes with 36 assorted Wikki Stix.

Learn to Dress Monkey: This lovable 22″ plush monkey is the perfect toy for developing fine finger and dressing skills! Features removable socks, sneakers, a t-shirt, and denim overalls that are fun for on/off dressing practice. Kids love putting on his (real) stretchy socks, lacing up his colorful sneakers, buttoning his pockets, snapping his straps, zipping his pocket and more… there’s 11 different dressing skills in all! This colorful, snuggly little monkey makes a wonderful bedtime buddy, too!

So how do you win? Since we think Therapy Shoppe is an especially great site for those who love and support our kids with special needs, we wanted your help in honoring the friends and family who make your life better. Head over to our Friends & Family forum and tell us here about the person (or people!) who make your life just a little bit easier! (And then let them know that they are welcome to be part of the site, too!)

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