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Wild Republic Flock of Audubon Birds Giveaway

This just might be the cutest giveaway ever.

We have five sets of SIX Wild Republic Audubon birds to give away! These little beanie birds are about five inches tall, which makes them perfect for cuddling and carrying. Also every single one sings with authentic bird calls recorded by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and licensed by Audubon. Each bird’s life-like design and detailing make bird collecting both fun and educational for all ages. Your Audubon flock of bird is a ready-made set of educational friends.

You’ll get half a dozen adorable birds if you win. Mind you, you won’t be able to pick the birds you get but we guarantee they will be adorable!

My daughter, Madison, says, “Those are so cute! I want one!”

My son, Noah, says, “Whoever wins should hide them all over the house so their kids has to find them all!”

So how do you win?

These birds made us laugh so we wanted to keep up our happy spirit by asking you to share a joke (good, bad, doesn’t matter — just make sure it’s family-friendly!) at our Anything Goes forum right here.

See? Our Anything Goes group is really for anything!

Comments are closed to remind you to head to the group to enter!

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