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Etsy Giveaway for YOU

Our first giveaway isn’t just for the kids — it’s got terrific stuff for you, too. After all, who’s going to have to do all the running around for the holidays? Bake all the cookies? Fry all the latkes? Wrap all these presents? Exactly! You! So these gifts are either for you to treat yourself or to share with a loved teacher, therapist, hostess or other grown-up person who will appreciate some fine hand-made goods.

We will be giving away the following prize packs (in alphabetical order):


Free the Gnomes (or at least welcome them in to your home) Coaster set from chicalookate. (That’s a link to her Etsy site. You can also find her blogging, and on Facebook and on Twitter.

Coaster Stats:
~Set of 4
~size: 3.5 inches (9 cm)
~Cork bottom to keep your coaster from flying off the table
~Mylar covered image
~Comes with a round plastic box for when you need to store your coasters
Plus a Pirate Robot Magnet and Easy Street Photo Notepad


Boo Boo Ninja from Crankypants.

From the time you learn to crawl, bumps and bruises are a fact of life. We might as well make them as fun as possible! These Boo Boo Ninjas are made from a 100% cotton and are filled with organic barley. They can be kept in the freezer to be used as a cold compress whenever one of those inevitable bumps or bruises comes your way. This little guy will use his super ninja powers to distract wee patients as the compress relieves pain from mild bumps.

Here she is on Facebook and on Twitter.

Lemons with a Pea

Look at what Robin Plemmons made with her hands for you! These inspiring words by Goethe are nestled underneath a sweet little trellis of trees. It is hand painted & hand scripted in hopes that it would find it’s place in the world. Maybe it’s meant to be hanging on your wall so you can see it every day & get a much needed dose of motivation. Maybe it would be the perfect gift for someone you know who could use a little self affirmation. All of her block paintings are 6″x6″ & are painted on salvaged wood. There is a hole in the back for hanging. Here is her shop. Here is her blog. Of course Facebook. And also Twitter.

Mimi & Boo & Me

Pet Hedgehogs in Scarves: This little pair of hedgehogs would love to help with your holiday decorating, or just hang around looking cute. Hand-crocheted from sturdy cotton-blend yarn, they are approximately 3″ tall and come with removable red scarves (’cause it’s chilly!). They have plastic safety eyes that are safe for kids 3 and up. Here’s a direct link to Jen’s shop, Mimi & Boo & Me. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and blogging.


Lisa was commissioned to create a necklace for the Make A Wish Foundation and their Every Penny Counts campaign. These pieces were purchased by the Michigan Division of Make A Wish and given to their employees and friends during the campaign to raise money. For every piece she sells she has made a commitment to give back 20% of the proceeds to further their quest to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. The star was carved in wax then cast in sterling silver. Each penny is a new and never circulated, it is suspended in a sterling silver coin mounting and each is hung on a 16″ chain.

You can find Lisa at her Etsy shop, on Facebook, on Twitter and blogging.

So how do you win?

You’ll notice the comments are closed on this post. That’s because in order to be entered, we need you to come and introduce yourself right here in our Anything Goes group.

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