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What’s on YOUR Wish List?

Our Great Big Wish List Giveaway starts next week and we want to help you get ready!

November 8th through the 12th we’ll be giving away TWO Gymnic Rodys every single day! Rody is a sturdy ride-on toy from Gymnic, the makers of those big, beautiful therapy balls you may already know and love. Rody is made of super soft, super durable latex-free vinyl. Another plus? Rody is oh so easy to keep clean! He’s a cinch to inflate with a bicycle pump and you can inflate him to keep him soft and squeezable or pump him up full enough to give your kid super bounce-ability! Our Rodys are the dapper peach and red fellow you see to the right. Isn’t he adorable?

We got our daughter a Rody for her very first Christmas and now five years later, he is still a member of our family with lots of play value. Toddlers who visit love to ride him and Madison loves to have him for tea parties and other adventures.

This is a $43.95 value so that means we’re giving away over $400 worth of Rodys! We’ll give one away to a non-member and one to a member each day next week. It’s the ONLY Wish List contest you can win without being a member (and we have another Rody giveaway planned, too) so better your odds and join our community today!

Join us next week for details and also check out our full Great Big Wish List Giveaway schedule so you know which days you absolutely do NOT want to miss! Meanwhile, watch Rody in action to see how wonderful he really is!


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