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Developmental co-ordination disorder kids often troubled

They’re the clumsy children who can’t sit still in class and who trip when they’re walking across a room.

Even doing up a button and opening a milk carton can be difficult for them. Not only do they struggle in school, but their clumsiness can set them up as primary targets for being bullied and ridiculed.

Their condition — developmental co-ordination disorder – affects more than 5 per cent of children yet it continues to be the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed mental health syndrome among kids, said Dr. John Cairney, psychologist and researcher at St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

Cairney was one of three speakers at the Open Minds Across Canada Mental Health Symposia held Thursday night at St. Joseph’s Healthcare. Similar symposia were held across Canada all focusing on child and youth mental health.

via TheSpec – ‘Clumsy’ syndrome kids often troubled.

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