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Down syndrome not a problem for accomplished athlete

From gold medalist to third-degree black belt in tae kwon do, 31-year-old Stephen Zimmerman is not your average martial artist. You see, he has Down syndrome, and despite his challenges he has amazed those around him with his multitude of accomplishments.

In fall 2004 and 2005, Zimmerman was featured in the National Down Syndrome Society’s awareness video, which was shown on the NBC Astrovision screen in Times Square as part of a campaign for National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, observed every October.

“I am exceptionally proud of my son,” said Tracy resident Cynthia Zimmerman. “I’ve learned that anything he sets his mind to, he can do. When I’ve seen him perform (martial arts), it has moved me to tears to see what he can do, knowing that people have told me that he couldn’t accomplish much due to him having Down syndrome. He’s still learning and making his goals.”

via Anne Marie Fuller: Down syndrome not a problem for accomplished Tracy athlete –

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