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Disability may lead to emotional problems

Huron Valley Schools has approximately 500 students — and there’s about 82,000 students in Michigan — with learning disabilities. This does not include students diagnosed with speech and language disorders, cognitive disorders, or ADHD disorders who get placed in a category called physical or otherwise impaired.

This is according to the Michigan Department of Education’s web site, Census for 2009.

By definition, the term “Specific Learning Disability” refers to a student who’s achievement in one or more of the basic learning areas of reading, writing or arithmetic is substantially below that which is expected, given the child’s chronological age, intellectual level and grade placement. This also assumes that the learning disability is not due to other reasons such as might be the case in the other categories for special education noted above.

via Disability may lead to emotional problem | | the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers and Hometown Weeklies.

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