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Angry mother stuns disability protest in Australia

An Aboriginal mother has stunned a rally at Sydney’s Opera House by interrupting radio host Alan Jones to vent her anger at the state’s indifference to disabled children.

Shirley Lomas, 54, of Redfern, was among about 2000 carers and people with disabilities who gathered on the Opera House forecourt on Thursday to demand guaranteed state government funding for the disability sector.

As Macquarie Radio presenter Mr Jones prepared to introduce the next speaker, Ms Lomas interjected, saying she wanted to have her voice heard as an Aboriginal woman with a severely autistic son.

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When she persisted, saying she was speaking “from the heart”, he allowed her to go to the podium.

“Because our children are so profoundly disabled and they can’t vote, they are not worth anything in this country, so we are fed up with that,” Ms Lomas said.

The crowd applauded Ms Lomas after she spoke.

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