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It’s Time To End Insurance Discrimination Against People With Autism

I think a lot of us assume that “regular” people can’t really make an impact anymore. The idea of “grassroots movements” can sometimes be written off as idealistic, impotent or inconsequential. That’s why I want to shine a light on an incredible effort going on right now – led by some remarkable, passionate parents — to end a terrible form of discrimination against people with autism. It’s something we can all be a part of, without much effort.

I’ve blogged before about how insanely expensive it is to treat a child with autism — intensive, one-on-one therapies can cost tens of thousands of dollars every year. That’s obviously beyond the means of most families affected by the fastest growing disorder in America, which is why there are a lot of moms and dads out there — as well as siblings — making incredible sacrifices so that their loved ones can get the therapies they desperately need. Families are taking out second mortgages and emptying out savings accounts and college funds. They’re going broke.

Read more here: Holly Robinson Peete: It’s Time… To End Insurance Discrimination Against People With Autism.

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