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Doctor stresses need for sleep screening for children with learning disabilities

Doctor Louise Scott says there is a very good reason why humans spend one third of their lives asleep. Because it’s important.

That was the pediatric neuropsychologist’s message Saturday morning to a group of 25 parents and educators of children with learning disabilities.

Scott, who has a private practice, works at Grand River Hospital and has a learning disability of her own, was at Arc Industries to discuss the relationship between sleep, attention and memory and executive deficits associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other learning disabilities.

Scott said the learning disabilities affect sleep and sleep problems affect the learning disabilities.

“It can be any or all of the above,” she said when asked if one affects the other or if they go hand in hand.

Scott said parents who think poor sleeping habits are affecting learning and attention spans need to be screened using an overnight sleep study.

via – News – Doctor stresses need for sleep screening for children with learning disabilities.

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