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Special needs more likely for boys, study finds

Almost one in four primary school boys in England has special educational needs (SEN), a government report finds.

More than 41,000 primary school boys (2%) have a statement of needs and 489,250 (23.4%) have unstatemented needs.

This compares to 15,600 SEN girls (0.8%) with statements and 269,890 girls (13.5%) without a statement.

Last month Ofsted said thousands of pupils were wrongly labelled as having special educational needs.

All these pupils required, inspectors said, was better teaching and support.

The Ofsted report found as many as half of all pupils identified for School Action, the lowest SEN category, would not be identified as having these needs if schools focused on improving teaching and learning.

Read more here: BBC News – Special needs more likely for boys, study finds.

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